Coca-Cola Xtreme Shopper Challenge

At number sixty three on the Fortune 500, Coca-Cola needs no introduction. In fact, of all the companies on the planet, Coca-Cola ranks third in the list of most recognized brands. That is why Wylie Creative is glad to find opportunity to work on KO (Dow Jones ticker symbol for Coca-Cola) projects.


Wylie Creative partnered with Atlanta marketing firm EOS on a large-scale project for the Coca-Cola shopper marketing team. What started as a live, interactive experience at a global leadership meeting soon grew to include an online and offline interactive game that both informed and entertained users with a combination of storytelling, short videos, and follow-up instruction. The project was translated into multiple langages and delivered locally, on the web, and on USB flash memory sticks around the world.


A fictional grocery called Flagler's Market was created which simulated a shopping experience and served as a platform to deliver key findings that the Coca-Cola team had discovered in their research. This creative approach presented the opportunity to incorporate the simple idea of competition amongst peers and create a fun and memorable experience.

For the live experience, the team invited Coca-Cola's global leadership to walk though a room set to resemble a Flagler's Market location. As they did, the participants used iPads as portable game controllers, and were presented with multiple choice questions and simple buttons to answer. To keep score each iPad submitted results to a custom-built, web-based tracking system developed by Wylie Creative just for this installation. It was a huge success.