Velocity Medical

Velocity Medical Solutions, now part of Varian Medical Systems, is a leader in imaging and therapy tools for radiation oncology centers. The Velocity software solution allows historically unconnected data from different systems, in different points of time, and in different positions to be transformed into clinical knowledge.


Seeking to utilize the power of video and motion graphics animation, Velocity Medical partnered with Wylie Creative to develop a software product video to explain, at a high level, the potential of their imaging solution. We worked closely with the internal team at Velocity to establish a working outline and final script and then set to work creating the graphic design elements and animating the work to produce the final video.


The key to understanding the Velocity software solution was to showcase the process of gathering and processing imaging data. The main storyline builds on this process to demonstrate the power this imagery can have when placed in an organized system and made easily available to medical care teams. The end result is a video presentation that clearly and accurately explains the solution, even for those without medical training.