Our Services

From our Atlanta based studio, Wylie Creative builds the digital marketing assets that deliver your message. At the heart, we are a creative enterprise, combining artistic and technical expertise, with an ever watchful eye on the cultural trends that drive the modern world. On the TV screen, in print, and on the web, we can move your marketing forward with creative talent backed by decades of experience.

Consulting & Strategy

A new website or overview video often forces an organization to evaluate its communication methodology and rethink clear marketing messages. Wylie Creative walks clients through the process of brand discovery and communications strategy that can build a solid foundation for internal and external messaging. Using a custom developed research and discovery framework, we work in partnership with an organization to define the desired outcomes, establish clear communication goals, and build digital media designed to move people to action.


The principles of design, like balance, proportion, and color selection, apply to all of our projects. While the medium may change, the principles remain the same. We take pride in applying this idea in quality creative work to communicate clearly and set our clients apart in a competitive marketplace.

Our design specialties include logo design and brand patterns, web and user-interface design, print design for collateral and environmental signage, and motion graphics for video production.

Web Development

If you know where to look, there is beauty in good code. While most people never see that code, the care given to quality development is still expressed in the user experience and content management of your website. At Wylie Creative we write standards-based, high quality code, and place that code in content management systems to make updates a breeze.

We rely mainly on the ExpressionEngine and Craft content management systems. While there are other systems out there, these two systems offer flexibility and ease-of-use for both our clients and ourselves. We love them, and think you will too.

Video & Motion Graphics

Video is an amazingly powerful means of communication in marketing. Whether you are launching a new product, delivering a corporate overview, or giving a presentation, video can creatively combine visuals, animation, music, voice-over, and sound effects in a unique package that will draw out emotion and compel movement.

Wylie Creative brings together all the professional skills needed to affect your audience with video production and motion graphics animation.

When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.
- Walt Disney